Deadmau5 Almost Kills Hundreds of Fans

Deadmau5 Almost Kills Hundreds of Fans

deadmau5 ft. Chris James - The Veldt (Radio Edit)

Deadmau5 came close to reenacting the Great White’s most infamous performance while onstage at the New York Club, Provocateur. While he was attempting some Mythbusters-style homemade pyrotechnics by setting fire to an air horn, Joel Zimmerman, DJ (though he dismisses the title) set fire to the DJ booth. The result was a fire that that came close to engulfing the crowd, which included several celebrities, including singer Ciara. As well as his trademark giant mouse head, which was also on the stage.


Zimmerman was participating in a weekend tour and playing his new release, The Veldt, which will be the lead single for a new EP, which will also include a collaboration with Cypress Hill as well as various remixes of The Veldt.  


Fortunately, Zimmerman, who has just recently been placed on the Niagara Falls wall of fame, was unhurt and is back in the studio working on the EP and a compilation album that will also be released further along in the year. Clearly remorseful about the near-catastrophe, Zimmerman tweeted about the event afterwards.


“Omg I actually lived through that ... Nearly blew up myself and a Buncha people in the booth.”


The Veldt

The song is inspired by a 1950 Ray Bradbury short story and features the singer Chris James. Deadmau5 put the song together during a streaming session lasting 22 hours that was shown live on his website. James is a fan who recorded a vocal track over it that so impressed both Deadmau5 and his listeners that they decided to release it as a single. It will be a part of a series of EPs to be released in the next few months.