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Deadmau5 News

Deadmau5 - Professional Griefers

This week, from the life of Deadmau5 AKA Joel Zimmerman, there comes a story of crime and revenge. The Grammy Award Nominated producer and DJ vowed revenge upon the fiends who broke into the home of his mother in the town of Niagara Falls, Ontario. Via Facebook, the 31 year-old directed threats at those who broke into the home of Nancy Zimmerman and ransacked it.

The burglars also stole a television from Mrs. Zimmerman who apparently takes a somewhat lighter view of the incident than her son. She has stated that the stolen items were not all that expensive. Nancy Zimmerman is a professional painter and says that along with the TV, the thieves also made off with some of her artwork and her jewelry. 

Deadmau5 had just returned from touring when he got the news and took to Facebook to vent his wrath, letting the intruders know who he was and that he planned on finding them. His huge fan base added their endorsements of his message to the tune of more than 30,000 likes and about 4,000 comments. Deadmau5 would later go on to state clearly that his intent was not to be a vigilante and that he was not seriously trying to hunt down the criminals, just expressing his feelings. Nancy Zimmerman will be installing a security system in the effort to prevent further break ins.

Other news involving Deadmau5 include his collaboration with My Chemical Romance lead singer, Gerard Way. The song is called “Professional Griefers.” Release of the song is expected later this year (September) though it was first unveiled at Lollapalooza 2011. The video will be out in August.