Deadmau5 speaks his mind to Rolling Stone

Deadmau5 speaks his mind to Rolling Stone

Well, Deadmau5 is back in the news with more controversy. Few artists have managed to stay in the forefront of news media attention almost purely based on the controversy caused by their comments. One of the ones who have managed to do this in the past was Madonna, and Madonna is the target of Joel Zimmerman’s wrath in at least some of his recent comments. It is perhaps fitting that the creator of some much shock and scandal during the 80s and 90s is now on the receiving end from a relative newcomer to success.

Zimmerman is on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone and laying waste to old foes and friends alike. The Madonna comments are a rehash of a controversy from March where she asked the crowd at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival if they has seen “Molly.”  Molly is the slang term for MDMA, the active ingredient in the drug, ecstasy.

When she made the comments Deadmau5 proceeded to criticize the drug reference on Facebook and Twitter as Madonna’s ill-conceived attempt to be relevant again. In the recent Rolling Stone issue he uses the term “funky grandma,” to describe Madonna’s attempts to connect with youth culture.

The whole Madonna thing in March was prior to Deadmau5 criticizing DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame for being less than creative. That one devolved into a Twitter trash-talking battle.

The Rolling Stone interview showed that Zimmerman was not done with criticizing his fellow artists. He tore into fellow DJ David Guetta, saying that Guetta was essentially just playing tracks. Dubstep prodigy, Skrillex is reportedly a friend of Deadmau5 and even he was not allowed to go without comment. The criticism of Skrillex was also that his show did not involve him doing much more than just playing his music.