Deadmau5's new album

Deadmau5's new album

'Album Title Goes Here'


Deadmau5 is turning out to be EDM’s spokesman on this side of the Atlantic. This is largely because he is one of the very few marquee acts for whom English is not a second language, and also because he has made it a point to be very outspoken. He had made headlines with his rants against Madonna for tossing out the word “Molly” onstage, and has also made the news due to verbal battles with DJ Pauly D. Deadmau5 is not done in 2012, as he is making headlines again with his upcoming album. 

Cleverly titled Album Title Goes Here, the new 13-track collection from Canada’s most well-known DJ is slated for release in late September. The pre-released song “The Veldt,” is among the 13 as is “Professional Griefers.” Guests on the album include lead singer of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way who collaborates with Deadmau5 on the “Professional Griefers” single. Deadmau5 also works with veteran rappers Cypress Hill and singer Imogen Heap on various tracks on the album.

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The release of Album Title Goes Here seems to be coming at the perfect time for maximum sales. Not only has Deadmau5 been receiving a lot of coverage, EDM as a music genre is continuing to draw lots of new fans. Other artists such as Afrojack and David Guetta are also receiving widespread mainstream publicity.  

The album’s release does not mean that Deadmau5 will be taking it easy as far as his touring schedule goes. The DJ is scheduled to appear at the UK’s Creamfields in August and at a number of other music festivals including the iHeartRadio festival in September.