DJMag's voting scandal

DJMag's voting scandal

Payments made to magazine for favorable editorial content.

The alleged corruption in DJmag’s voting system has been big news over the last few weeks with much speculation as to the magazine’s integrity. As most people who have been on the Internet for any length of time know, online voting systems are not particularly accurate tools for measuring public opinion.

Still, many people in the electronic dance music industry seem to have expected the established magazine to be more honest and ethical in running their highly influential poll. Many others are not surprised by the scandal, and see this kind of corruption as a means for wealthy, established artists to hold on to their status and income.

Paul Van Dyk has been accused of buying his position in the poll, a charge which has been denied by the magazine. The payments were shown via leaked invoices indicating that the German DJ paid £15,000 to DJMag, a sum that the magazine claims was in payment for advertising services and not for inflated ranking or for reputation-building.

It should be noted that the sums paid to DJMag matched up with issues that included favorable mentions of Van Dyk in articles throughout the magazine. Ferry Corsten has also been named as one of the DJs to have paid DJMag for favorable editorial content.

In the attempt to control damage and to regain its reputation as a legitimate news source, DJMag has begun a campaign of naming those found to have been cheating in the poll. Among those publicly shamed have been Miss Diamond, a Brazilian born DJ living in Switzerland who appears to be relatively unknown despite having a large flock of Facebook friends and YouTube subscribers.  It is expected that there will be more of these shamings to come.