DJs campaigning for Obama

DJs campaigning for Obama

Electronic dance music culture supports Obama campaign


 Electronic dance music culture has gone beyond being loved only by people who love clubbing and has now been adopted by the mainstream. No longer is it only for the “hipsters” and nowhere is that more evident than in the fact that DJs are now being used for political endorsements.

This could be seen as the moment that EDM finally became recognized as a legitimate musical genre rather than a “trend,” or it could also be seen as the moment that it jumped the shark. Of course, those who have been fans of this music since the last century know that there is nothing new about EDM; still, there are those who see it as primarily a young person’s trend.

There is also nothing new about musical artists becoming involved in politics, this has been done before with the grassroots Rock the Vote movement of the 1990s. The success of Rock the Vote may be a promising sign for the DJs for Obama movement. The popularity of EDM may help it to serve as an effective means for encouraging young Americans to register and to vote.

There are several DJs presently campaigning on behalf of President Obama, with the most well-known of them being producer and LA club icon, Steve Aoki. DJ Cassidy and DJ Irie have also been actively vocalizing their support for Obama. Also supporting Obama is D-Nice of Boogie Down Productions. The potential of this movement is pretty big, seeing that the vast majority of young voters in the United States voted for Obama in the last election.