Electronic dance music and violence

Electronic dance music and violence

Fans of electronic dance music should beware; live concerts may well acquire the reputation for violence and mayhem that has been given to gangsta rap in the mainstream media. The stigma may come as a result of the recent violence during Swedish House Mafia’s farewell tour where nine people were stabbed in a Dublin club. One person has also died as a result of what is thought to have been a drug overdose. Unlike gangsta rap, no one is claiming that the genre of music itself has created the atmosphere of violence or that it in any way inspired it.

The promoter of the Dublin event has stated that adequate precautions were taken, including ensuring that all concert-goers subject to search prior to entering the venue. There were roughly 45,000 people at the Phoenix Park for the concert. One man was arrested for four of the attacks.

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The statement released after the event by SHM essentially states that they have no idea what happened and saw nothing while the stabbing spree was occurring. They also said that the promoter wishes them to remain silent on the matter and they will respect those wishes.

At a subsequent SHM concert in Buckinghamshire, at the Milton Keynes Bowl, there was yet another spate of stabbings. This time three men were stabbed, none fatally. The Milton Keynes Bowl appearance was billed as the last ever performance of the group in the UK.   

Another recent flurry of violence and drug overdoses occurred at an event in Mansfield, MA where legendary DJ Paul Van Dyk was performing. None of the incidents are thought to be related but it is still advisable for EDM concert-goers on both sides of the Atlantic to exercise caution at these and similar events.