Fedde Le Grand, a workhorse DJ

Fedde Le Grand, a workhorse DJ

The first major international hit for longtime journeyman Dutch DJ Fedde Le Grand was “Put Your Hands up For Detroit,” a song that is still plays today at sporting events in Detroit. Le Grand has said that the song’s popularity came as a big surprise to him. It was this hit that first made his name known around the world. The song was a hit across Europe and even got Le Grand some attention in the Miami club scene.

Le Grand got his career started as the resident DJ for one night a week at the Danssalon nightclub in Eindhoven. He also worked in a number of other nightclubs across the Netherlands. During the late 90s and early 2000s he also had gained a reputation in other parts of Europe and traveled extensively. France, Germany, Greece and Britain all saw performances by Le Grand. He even ventured into the Middle East, performing in Israel.

Fedde Le Grand & Patric la Funk - Autosave (Original Mix)

Le Grand’s sound ranged from popular house sounds that got him the attention of dance music greats like Will.i.am and pop stars of the early 2000s like Robbie Williams to more minimalist techno tracks. He has even remixed Madonna songs at her request. He presently has residencies in both London and Ibiza and also travels the world, playing in such locations as Los Angeles, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium and South Africa.


His big hits in 2011-2012 are:

·         “Metrum”

·         “Freaky”

·         “So Much Love”

So far in 2012, Le Grand has had one hit: “Turn it On.”                                                                      

Earlier this year, Le Grand picked up awards first for best remix at the IDMAs and best techno track for “Metrum” at the Beatport Awards.