Markus Schulz: German transplant DJ in Miami

Markus Schulz: German transplant DJ in Miami

The Miami resident's successful career and his Scream album.


Markus Schulz was brought to the U.S. when he was 13 years old and presently lives in Miami, which is also the home of the Ultra Music Festival. Schulz has wound up in DJMag’s top ten poll of DJs for the fourth year running and has released three albums under his own name as well as a number of mix compilations. Like another world-famous DJ, Armin Van Buuren, Schulz is also well-known from his radio program; his unique style is a blend of the house and trance genres.

His latest album is called Scream and features 23 tracks (including the four bonus tracks), 12 vocal and 11 instrumental. Its sound diverges somewhat from the genre with an unusual toughness and has gotten Schulz the nickname of “Unicorn Slayer” from his audience. The Scream album also features a cover photo of Schulz making a screaming face that has become iconic among his fans.

Markus Schulz comes from a musical background with his father being a drummer, though Schulz says that he got his strong self-discipline from his stepfather. He believes that while his musical talent may be due to his father’s genes, his successful career is due to what he learned from his stepfather. Thus far it has been a stellar career, with Schulz constantly touring and traveling to and from EDM hotspots around the world, including Ibiza, Brazil and the UK.

His present tour is all about promoting the Scream album, as well as an LP by his Dakota alter-ego. The Dakota name is one of the many alternate names he has used throughout his career. The music created under this pseudonym has been helpful in expanding his audience.