Martin Solveig's newfound stardom

Martin Solveig's newfound stardom

Solveig, one of the hottest new DJs, has been on the scene for years.


Martin Solveig is the stage name of Frenchman, Martin Laurent Picandet. Solveig’s fifth album, Smash, has been out for more than a year but has only recently been released in the U.S. and features the song “Hello,” which has become an international hit.

His stock has grown in value considerably since he was placed in the 29th slot of DJMag’s top 100 last year. Solveig has been working at his craft for a long time and up until 2010 was still working as a club DJ in Paris. His ability to create catchy pop hits eventually brought him to the attention of Madonna, and the DJ would go from relative unknown to superstar in only a few months. He produced three songs for her MDNA album including “Beautiful Killer” and “Give me All Your Luvin’.”

One factor that sets Solveig apart from many others in the genre is that he appears not to take himself or his title of “superstar DJ” too seriously. His videos are generally humorous with Solveig capitalizing on his resemblance to Michael Cera and playing the role of lovable nerd.

The consensus on Smash is that it is a generally likeable album, even if several of the 13 tracks are somewhat monotonous. It features collaborations with Canada's Dragonette, most notably on the “Hello” song, which you may have heard in Trident gum commercials. This song has sold over 2 million copies and has gone platinum throughout Europe and in the U.S. Solveig was one of the main reasons to go to the Electric Zoo Festival last weekend in New York. His set was performed at the Hilltop Arena on Saturday.

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