More on the end: Swedish House Mafia

More on the end: Swedish House Mafia

Or maybe not exactly the end.


There has been quite a bit of talk this past week about Swedish House Mafia’s impending retirement. Regardless of how anyone feels about Swedish House Mafia—and there is a pretty fair amount of love and outright hatred—the fact remains that this is EDM’s lone super group.

They are an international, massively popular entity that is (or was) one of the driving forces of the EDM. EDM fans generally fall into one of two camps: the ones for whom the SHM breakup and retirement is a tragedy and the end of some of the best years ever in music history, and those who have no idea what all the fuss is about. Those in the latter camp tend to see this as overblown marketing hype to quickly sell out the farewell tour and set the stage for a comeback in a few years or months.

The goodbye will take 26 tour-stops to complete, beginning in Dubai in November 2012 and ending up in Los Angeles in March 2013. According to Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell and Steve Angello, the retirement is largely the result of the fact that they are so popular. Their sound is being imitated constantly, and in the increasingly fast-moving world of EDM it is becoming difficult to stay ahead of the copycats. 

While their ability to do this thus far has led to their present level of success, the group now sees fit to part ways (at least temporarily) and pursue individual projects. Fans should note that they have not ruled out the possibility of a reunion and of working together under other names. The band considers Daft Punk to be their role models, and point to DP’s cycles of touring and creative seclusion.