Is Paris Hilton the next Tiesto?

Is Paris Hilton the next Tiesto?

Probably not. In fact, let’s just get rid of that “probably” right now. Still, she has the looks and there are probably several hundred million young females in the world who still want to be her. The most famous bearer of the Hilton name has decided to try her hand at DJing to much applause from the lovers of electronic dance music the world over. No, not really. Her set in Sao Paulo, in front of a crowd of several thousand spectators went something like this:

Hilton took the stage after Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Clarkson and proceeded to play some songs (prerecorded, according to Afrojack) and dance while waving a Brazilian flag and her headphones. That is pretty much it. Oh, except for the part where she attempted to sing over her own song and over a song by Rihanna. It was kind of like a standard mashup other than the fact that it was confused and unintentionally hilarious.

[DONTSKIP.COM] Paris Hilton "Last Night" (new song) @ POP Festival 2012) São Paulo, Brasil

As Afrojack has said in response to the performance, DJing requires practice and effort on the part of the DJ. The people who show up to the concerts and festivals expect to be entertained. It is up to the DJ to give them something in return for their money/time. Learning how to use the equipment is not brain surgery, but does take some amount of work just to be able to do it with the effortlessness people expect of a DJ.

Hilton has claimed in interviews since that she spent six to eight hours a day preparing for the gig. Attending festivals with Afrojack was listed among her methods of preparation. However, it is not like she will be relying on her mixing skills as a source of income anytime soon; Ms Hilton has her designer labels and stores to fall back on. Also, it is rumored that her family has money.