Steve Aoki's new reality show

Steve Aoki's new reality show

DJs get to win a VIP night with the EDM superstar.

Anyone who has been a fan of electronic dance music over the last couple of years will be extremely familiar with Steve Aoki’s name. Aoki is listed in the 15th spot on the controversial DJMag list of top DJs, and is fifth on the Forbes Magazine list of top-earning EDM artists, above such dance music icons as Deadmau5.

The cake-throwing DJ, producer and promoter has built a name and a brand from innovative beats and performing at more than 200 wild stage shows per year. Now he is about to venture into territory that no DJ before him has dared to enter: the world of reality TV.

The name of Aoki’s new show will be Chasing and the basic idea will already be familiar to anyone who has ever watched any reality contest show. As in everything from Survivor to The Amazing Race, it will involve people competing against each other to see which team can win enough points to get the big prize. What’s the big prize?

A night out with the man himself. The teams­, each consisting of DJs, will compete in a number of challenges to earn their points. The challenges will all be based on Aoki’s well-known party antics and consist of things like crowd surfing via an inflatable raft along with the inevitable throwing of cake.

Aoki’s popularity is unquestionable as may be gathered from the fact that he has more than a million Facebook friends, and has recently collaborated with artists like Lil Jon and the up-and-coming rapper, Chiddy Bang. It may be that the only truly new arena for him to conquer is television.

Chasing will available for viewing on the Internet at starting October 23rd