Underage drinking and helicopters at Long Island's Haunted Coliseum Party

Underage drinking and helicopters at Long Island's Haunted Coliseum Party

Sebastian Ingrosso doesn't even get to perform.

The post-Halloween “Haunted Coliseum Party” in Long Island was supposed to include sets by Otto Knows, Alesso and Sebastian Ingrosso. However, Alesso only got 20 minutes into his set and Ingrosso never got a chance to perform. Why? The police, multiple underage drinkers and the attempt to land a helicopter on the grounds of the coliseum were the three main reasons.

The party, which was promoted by Lou B Industries an established (and by all accounts reputable) Long Island promoter, was open to concert-goers of all ages. According to Haunted Coliseum Party’s Facebook page, the ideal age was 16, but no ID was required resulting in concert-goers as young as 14. The promoter has also said that minors showed up to the event already intoxicated and that no one was serving alcohol to them at the venue.

The police were called out to the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum to deal with the underage drinkers with the result being that the event was cut short.  There have been rumors about shootings and stabbings similar to occurrences that marred Swedish House Mafia events in the summer; however, the police have said they have no knowledge of any such violence occurring at this event.

The failed event might have ended with the drunks being taken away and the Coliseum being prematurely emptied had it not been complicated by helicopter pilot, Michael Croissant, who attempted to land in the vicinity of the coliseum despite the pedestrians there. He was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment in addition to having his helicopter seized.

The Haunted Coliseum Party shutdown led to a stream of angry complaints delivered via Facebook. Concert-goers criticized the promoter's ineffective security measures.