October 2011

David Guetta Gets Top Honor

recently ranked #1 on DJ Magazine's Top 100 DJ List...

Internationally famous DJ, David Guetta, was recently ranked #1 on DJ Magazine's Top 100 DJ List. Many were shocked to see Guetta dethrone Armin Van Buuren, the highest ranking DJ of the previous three years. What makes David Guetta so great? While some DJs manage to find success only among avid nightlife lovers and other DJs choose to become more mainstream, Guetta finds ways to continue appealing to both audiences.

European nightlife lovers have been enjoying Guetta since the 1980s when he worked solely as a nightclub DJ. Guetta continued spinning throughout the 90s, but didn't become a recording artist until 2002.

Guetta who has been gaining popularity since he released his first the early 2000s, became a regular household name for all music lovers when he released When Love Takes Over in 2009. The song featured vocals by Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child fame. The song kept the beats Guetta's long time followers craved and also had the right elements to shine on both dance charts and pop charts in multiple countries.

David Guetta continues to turn up the heat by working with famous recording artists ranging from Jennifer Hudson to Taio Cruz to Usher. The successful Guetta produces, writes and continues to perform live DJ gigs at some of the hottest clubs in the world. The DJ even has two Grammy Awards under his belt.

The DJ Magazine Top 100 List is an important yearly release looked forward to by house music fans and DJs alike. Other DJs who were honored in the top 10 include Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren and Avicii.

LMFAO on Top of The World

The success of LMFAO has been brewing on the Internet and in the underground club scene for awhile...


Presently ruling the pop and dance worlds simultaneously is LMFAO, with their humorous style that many consider  to be both a parody of, and tribute to, popular hip-hop dance music. The group consists of Motown producer Berry Gordy’s son and grandson, who have been friends since childhood. Their names on stage are Redfoo and Skyblu. LMFAO has been well-known in dance music circles for a number of years for a brand music which the members have dubbed “party rock”.  Their level of fame as increased greatly with their first US number one single “Party Rock Anthem” occurring this year. The song “Party Rock Anthem” features singer Lauren Bennett and Producer Goonrock, who went to school with Redfoo. The success of LMFAO has been brewing on the Internet and in the underground club scene for awhile, and most people who make a point of listening to new stuff in this genre already heard about them by the time they got their first bit of real music-chart attention with 2008’s moderately successful “I’m in Miami Bitch”.

LMFAO’s discovery
Despite being related to a legend from the Motown era, it was not the group’s connections within the industry that got them noticed by Interscope Records, rather it was the Black Eyed Peas rapper, will.i.am. who was largely responsible for LMFAO’s discovery and signing.