November 2011

Get Ready for Winter Music Conference 2012

The 2012 conference begins on March 16th.

Are you a DJ or just a dance music fan that lives for house and trance beats? The Winter Music Conference (WMC), held yearly in Miami Beach, is the must visit event if you are a dance music addict. The conference is a 10 day event that that brings together electronic music performers and fans from around the world. The 2012 conference begins on March 16th.

Early registration for WMC has begun. If you register for the conference by December14th, the cost is $345 dollars. Registration gives attendees access to a plethora of world class dance music events. Popular parts of the conference include the DJ spin-off and the International Record Collections Show. There are also multiple workshops, seminars, demonstrations and more which you can attend if you register. Registered guests  receive reduced rates at local hotels.

Sebastian Ingrosso Gets into the MIXX

Purchasing a presale ticket can help patrons to cut the line at the club.

Producer and DJ Sebastian Ingrosso is scheduled to spin at the popular nightclub, MIXX, in Atlantic City, New Jersey located at the posh Borgata hotel and casino on November 25th. Sebastian Ingrosso’s presence is part of a series of events that the Borgata has been hosting called “I Love House”.

The nightclub has a high cover charge the night of the event. Advanced tickets to enter the MIXX that night can be purchased online for $40.  Purchasing a presale ticket can help patrons to cut the line at the club as long as they arrive before 11 p.m. Only persons 21 and over may enter the MIXX nightclub. Out of state residents may want to have two forms of identification available. Bottle service is available the night of the event by calling the club in advance to make a table reservation.

1990's Dance Music: Technotronic



In 1988 Belgian music producer Jo Bogaert came up with the idea of a dance music project utilizing Belgian house beats. He called it Technotronic, and it would be influential for many years even giving rise to a genre of music called “hiphouse”. The band consisted of Ya Kid K who did the vocals, MC Eric, and, in the early days, Felly Kilingi, a fashion model who lip-synced to Ya Kid K’s vocals.

1990s Dance Music: Deee-lite

Lady Miss Kier, DJ Towa Tei, DJ Ani and DJ Dmitri

Anyone who was a fan of any genre of pop music in the nineties will remember Deee-Lite. Yes, as far as the pop charts were concerned they were a one-hit house music relic from the New York club scene, but that one hit was pretty big in 1990. Keep in mind that they were big during hair-rock’s last hurrah and a couple of years before Kurt Cobain began his work of relegating the Skid Rows and Warrants of the world to the county fair circuit.


Deee-lite's big song, Groove is in the Heart was in the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 at the same time as such other hits as Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby, Bette Middler’s Wind Beneath My Wings and Poison’s Something to Believe In. Groove is in the Heart was a trippy, hip, psychedelic amalgam of samples from Herbie Hancock and Billy Preston, among others, and included a rap by Q-tip from A Tribe Called Quest. Safe to say, it stood out from everything else on the charts at the time. Maybe that is why it is better remembered than pretty much every other club/dance hit from the same era.

Break Up Songs That Will Make You Sweat

You can hear the anger in Shayna Steele’s voice as she sings about a man who lied about loving her.

A lot of break up songs in many music genres are slow ballads. If you are a dance music lover however, you can get the beats you crave paired with the lyrics you desire. No matter if you have just broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend or if you are simply a fan of songs about heartache and anger, here are some break up songs that you can put on your iPod to work out to at the gym

Reina, “Forgive”, 2005

“Forgive” is a pop like and upbeat club song by Reina. The song is about a guy who cheated on a girl and simply wants to be taken back. Reina belts out the chorus with all of her might making this a powerful song that will make you want to keep moving. Anyone who has ever been wronged by someone they love can relate to this track.

Groove Coverage, “Poison”, 2003

This U.K. trance group released the hit “Poison” in 2003. The song is about a person who craves being in a relationship with someone, but knows that person is bad news. The rhythm and the lyrics of this song are very intense. This track will keep you going while on the treadmill.

Moby featuring Shayna Steele, “Disco Lies”, 2008