January 2012

The Best iOS Apps for Electronic Musicians

Vintage style in mobile technology

Thirty years ago, if you wanted to make music with computers, you had to have a whole rig of bulky analog gadgetry at your disposal. Now, you can create all the beats you like with the same device you carry around in your pocket every day. Technological advancements sure do save space. Of course, electronic music purists will still hold on to their old school analog toys (and if you're a professional, you're probably going to want to perform with more than just an iPhone), but I think everyone can enjoy these fun little digital toys.

Dance on the Water

What is better than a dance music club?? Well if you like cruises, what if you could go to a dance club on the water? If you are willing to travel to Brazil, you can. A five year old cruise line called Music on Board prides itself on being a cruise line geared towards the electronic music crowd.

If you went on a typical cruise, you would be offered an itinerary filled with things like trivia and wine tastings. This cruise on the other hand gives you exactly what you want: awesome dance music and lots of it. One of the ship’s dance floors is on the top deck. Imagine dancing to your favorite beats in the middle of the water while taking in the majestic night sky.

Blondie: Legends of Both Punk and Dance Music


Blondie’ earliest years were spent honing their sound that was a mixture of new-wave pop, disco, punk and reggae. The band, which was formed by members Deborah Harry and Chris Stein, sprang from New York’ punk scene much like other legendary bands, the Ramones being the most notable among them. Unlike those bands, however, Blondie broke from the hard-edged punk sound and was able to create melodic songs with dance-floor appeal that would eventually make up a substantial part of the era’s disco soundtrack.

DJ Mag Heads to Miami

Some events are held near the pool during the day time and other events are held at night.

DJ Mag , a leading source for dance music news based out of the United Kingdom, is going to be in Miami from March 16th until March 25th to warm up and get their groove on. The DJ Mag team will be staying at the luxurious Shelborne Hotel in South Beach. Come enjoy the amazing pool and listen to a group of talented DJs.

There is an exciting lineup for everyday that DJ Mag is in town. Hear amazing artists including Ralph Falcon, Carl Craig and Oscar G. There is an admission fee to events each day. Some events are held near the pool during the day time and other events are held at night.  

Advanced tickets to most events range from $15 to $30. Tickets can be purchased online at http://shelborne.wantickets.com/. Stay at the awesome hotel or visit from your nearby residence or other hotel of choice.

Prodigy's Controversies and Hits


One of the more influential British bands of any genre in the 1990s and 2000s, Prodigy rose to fame around the world with their first major hit, a song called Firestarter. The band presently consists of three members, though the lineup has changed several times since they originally formed. The main force in the band’s formation was Liam Newton, other original members include Maxim Reality, Keith Flint, Rob Holliday, and Leon Crabtree.

90s Dance Music: Fatboy Slim


Norman Quentin Cooke is a record producer, a member of a band called the Housemartins, he is however, most well known as Fatboy Slim, a DJ, and an composer of electronic dance music. Fatboy Slim had a number of hits, both in the UK and around the world during the 1990s. His most well-known songs include Weapon of Choice and The Rockafeller Skank.