February 2012

Steve Aoki, Party Emperor


Steve Aoki is the founder of Dim Mak records and the son of the wrestler Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki, the founder of the Benihana chain of Japanese restaurants. Rocky Aoki was a musician prior to opting for athletics as his career. Steve Aoki is also one of the more popular and respected young record producers in the business today. Aoki, who also goes by the nickname Kid Millionaire has worked with Blake Miller, with whom he formed the duo Weird Science, as well as producer Datsik.

The Bee Gees and the Disco Era


Largely due to the soundtrack of the move Saturday Night Fever, the Bee Gees are recognized as being among the greats of late seventies popular music. The disco era, in other words. Few people (other than their more dedicated fans) realize that the band had a pretty decent song-catalog prior to the movie and prior to disco. The genre is, however, where their best remembered and most beloved music legacy lies, however.


The band’s disco career began in 1975 with the hit “Jive Talkin’” from their Main Course LP. They followed it up with “Nights on Broadway”. This transition to the disco genre came after initially becoming known for more conventional pop standards and ballads. The Bee Gees followed Main Course with the Children of the World album which featured yet another disco hit: “You should be Dancing.”