May 2012

Daft Punk continues to revolutionize music

Daft Punk has stated that their mission is to draw a connection between the different genres of music rather than have music be segregated as it was in the past.  They see themselves as being as much influenced by icons of rock such as AC-DC as by disco and seek to show this eclectic influence in their songs. This can be seen in their start as an alternative rock band, which then shifted to an electronic music focus with their late 90s debut album Home Work, which still stands as a landmark in the genre of electronic dance music. Their career has come right back around to rock with their metal influenced Human After All album released in 2005.

Infected Mushroom's new sound and stage show

Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane (Album Version)

Israeli psychedelic trance outfit, Infected Mushroom recently signed with Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records, a move that signaled changes both in their sound and their live shows. The group, consisting of Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani and Erez Aisen, has now blended elements of dubstep and electro into their sound. Their first album on Dim Mak will be Army of Mushrooms, and the first single released off the album is titled “U R So F****d”.

Deadmau5 Almost Kills Hundreds of Fans

deadmau5 ft. Chris James - The Veldt (Radio Edit)

Deadmau5 came close to reenacting the Great White’s most infamous performance while onstage at the New York Club, Provocateur. While he was attempting some Mythbusters-style homemade pyrotechnics by setting fire to an air horn, Joel Zimmerman, DJ (though he dismisses the title) set fire to the DJ booth. The result was a fire that that came close to engulfing the crowd, which included several celebrities, including singer Ciara. As well as his trademark giant mouse head, which was also on the stage.


Zimmerman was participating in a weekend tour and playing his new release, The Veldt, which will be the lead single for a new EP, which will also include a collaboration with Cypress Hill as well as various remixes of The Veldt.  

Laidback Luke, Another Dutch Dance Music Genius

Laidback Luke Studio

Yet another Dutch producing prodigy is rising to forefront of the dance music scene. With a resume that features gigs with such artists as David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Swedish House Mafia’s Axwell , David Guetta, Moby, Diplo,  and Lil Jon, as well putting out dozens of popular remixes and bootlegs, the artist who calls himself Laidback Luke, is anything but “laid back”.

He has his own label, Mixmash Records and more than 250,000 followers on Twitter as of the writing of this post. He is known for his willingness to reply to his followers as well as provide a constant stream of tweets.

Born in the Philippines but raised in the Netherlands, Lucas Cornelis van Scheppingen found his love of music early on, after finding his love of graffiti art. His stage name is drawn from the song “Gin and Juice” by Snoop Dogg, a tribute to his love of the hip-hop genre. Known for his work ethic and innovative style, Laidback Luke has remixed Wynter Gordon’s “Dirty Talk” and is constantly working at promoting his Super You and Me parties all over the world.