June 2012

Skrillex to score Harmony Korine film


Yet another electronic dance music artist is scoring a film. Joining such established artists as Daft Punk and Sonny Moore( AKA Skrillex) is presently in the process of composing original works to be heard on the soundtrack of Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers. Korine is best known for directing the cult classic Gummo.

Spring Breakers will star James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez. The theme that runs through Korine’s work is the life of American youth, which makes contemporary teen-idol Skrillex a logical choice for creating the music behind the film. The film will follow the travails of two teenagers (Hudgens and Gomez) who want to go on spring break vacation, but who lack the means. They will enlist the assistance of a drug dealer played by Franco.

Deadmau5 speaks his mind to Rolling Stone

Well, Deadmau5 is back in the news with more controversy. Few artists have managed to stay in the forefront of news media attention almost purely based on the controversy caused by their comments. One of the ones who have managed to do this in the past was Madonna, and Madonna is the target of Joel Zimmerman’s wrath in at least some of his recent comments. It is perhaps fitting that the creator of some much shock and scandal during the 80s and 90s is now on the receiving end from a relative newcomer to success.

Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter has composed a soundtrack for new film


Thomas Bangalter’s new movie project is a complete departure from his previous work on Tron: Legacy. As one half of Daft Punk, Bangalter’s  work in creating the soundtrack to Tron has been highly praised by critics and by fans. It has been stated that the Daft Punk Aesthetic with its robotic costumes, is the perfect fit for a movie like the Tron remake. However, Bangalter’s latest score is for the short film First Point. The movie stars Lindsay Lohan as a surfer and is directed by an artist named Richard Phillips. No science fiction, no high technology; in this case, Bangalter’s synthesizers are used to create an atmosphere for the beach.

The French pair’s last album was Human After All which was released in 2005. Bangalter’s solo effort should not be taken as a sign of Daft punk’s demise, however. Another DP album is in the works. The new album features such stars as established singer songwriter Paul Williams and legendary disco producer Giorgio Moroder.

Sillerman and EDC 2012

The present popularity of dance music has not escaped the notice of Wall Street. One representative of the corporate world has shown a particular interest in the genre, namely Robert F. X. Sillerman who has ventured into the EDM world with his own company. In the 90s, Sillerman started the company that would become Live Nation by joining a bunch of regional promoters into one large national concert powerhouse. 

Fedde Le Grand, a workhorse DJ

The first major international hit for longtime journeyman Dutch DJ Fedde Le Grand was “Put Your Hands up For Detroit,” a song that is still plays today at sporting events in Detroit. Le Grand has said that the song’s popularity came as a big surprise to him. It was this hit that first made his name known around the world. The song was a hit across Europe and even got Le Grand some attention in the Miami club scene.

Le Grand got his career started as the resident DJ for one night a week at the Danssalon nightclub in Eindhoven. He also worked in a number of other nightclubs across the Netherlands. During the late 90s and early 2000s he also had gained a reputation in other parts of Europe and traveled extensively. France, Germany, Greece and Britain all saw performances by Le Grand. He even ventured into the Middle East, performing in Israel.