July 2012

Electronic dance music and violence

Fans of electronic dance music should beware; live concerts may well acquire the reputation for violence and mayhem that has been given to gangsta rap in the mainstream media. The stigma may come as a result of the recent violence during Swedish House Mafia’s farewell tour where nine people were stabbed in a Dublin club. One person has also died as a result of what is thought to have been a drug overdose. Unlike gangsta rap, no one is claiming that the genre of music itself has created the atmosphere of violence or that it in any way inspired it.

The promoter of the Dublin event has stated that adequate precautions were taken, including ensuring that all concert-goers subject to search prior to entering the venue. There were roughly 45,000 people at the Phoenix Park for the concert. One man was arrested for four of the attacks.

Best of Swedish House Mafia 2009 (Megamix)

Diplo, Snoop Lion and Skrillex

Snoop Dogg’s career has taken yet another interesting turn with his latest collaboration with DJ Producer, Diplo. The collaboration has brought forth an album (titled Reincarnated) and a new single from it called “La La La” that has come after an earlier release “That Tree.” The latest single itself may be lackluster, imitation old-school reggae but the Diplo/Snoop team-up is definitely interesting. OK, so maybe Snoop’s venture into reggae is not all that surprising given Snoop’s interest in marijuana; maybe his choice of one half of popular EDM/dancehall act, Major Lazer is not all that surprising either. Still, the collaboration does not exactly seem especially likely. Apparently Snoop’s Transformation into a reggae singer (now called “Snoop Lion”) has come after a recent visit to Jamaica.

Snoop Lion "La La La" Prod. by Major Lazer

Deadmau5 News

Deadmau5 - Professional Griefers

This week, from the life of Deadmau5 AKA Joel Zimmerman, there comes a story of crime and revenge. The Grammy Award Nominated producer and DJ vowed revenge upon the fiends who broke into the home of his mother in the town of Niagara Falls, Ontario. Via Facebook, the 31 year-old directed threats at those who broke into the home of Nancy Zimmerman and ransacked it.

The burglars also stole a television from Mrs. Zimmerman who apparently takes a somewhat lighter view of the incident than her son. She has stated that the stolen items were not all that expensive. Nancy Zimmerman is a professional painter and says that along with the TV, the thieves also made off with some of her artwork and her jewelry. 

Is Paris Hilton the next Tiesto?

Probably not. In fact, let’s just get rid of that “probably” right now. Still, she has the looks and there are probably several hundred million young females in the world who still want to be her. The most famous bearer of the Hilton name has decided to try her hand at DJing to much applause from the lovers of electronic dance music the world over. No, not really. Her set in Sao Paulo, in front of a crowd of several thousand spectators went something like this:

Hilton took the stage after Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Clarkson and proceeded to play some songs (prerecorded, according to Afrojack) and dance while waving a Brazilian flag and her headphones. That is pretty much it. Oh, except for the part where she attempted to sing over her own song and over a song by Rihanna. It was kind of like a standard mashup other than the fact that it was confused and unintentionally hilarious.

[DONTSKIP.COM] Paris Hilton "Last Night" (new song) @ POP Festival 2012) São Paulo, Brasil