August 2012

DJMag's voting scandal

Payments made to magazine for favorable editorial content.

The alleged corruption in DJmag’s voting system has been big news over the last few weeks with much speculation as to the magazine’s integrity. As most people who have been on the Internet for any length of time know, online voting systems are not particularly accurate tools for measuring public opinion.

Still, many people in the electronic dance music industry seem to have expected the established magazine to be more honest and ethical in running their highly influential poll. Many others are not surprised by the scandal, and see this kind of corruption as a means for wealthy, established artists to hold on to their status and income.

DJs campaigning for Obama

Electronic dance music culture supports Obama campaign


 Electronic dance music culture has gone beyond being loved only by people who love clubbing and has now been adopted by the mainstream. No longer is it only for the “hipsters” and nowhere is that more evident than in the fact that DJs are now being used for political endorsements.

This could be seen as the moment that EDM finally became recognized as a legitimate musical genre rather than a “trend,” or it could also be seen as the moment that it jumped the shark. Of course, those who have been fans of this music since the last century know that there is nothing new about EDM; still, there are those who see it as primarily a young person’s trend.

Deadmau5's new album

'Album Title Goes Here'


Deadmau5 is turning out to be EDM’s spokesman on this side of the Atlantic. This is largely because he is one of the very few marquee acts for whom English is not a second language, and also because he has made it a point to be very outspoken. He had made headlines with his rants against Madonna for tossing out the word “Molly” onstage, and has also made the news due to verbal battles with DJ Pauly D. Deadmau5 is not done in 2012, as he is making headlines again with his upcoming album. 

Cleverly titled Album Title Goes Here, the new 13-track collection from Canada’s most well-known DJ is slated for release in late September. The pre-released song “The Veldt,” is among the 13 as is “Professional Griefers.” Guests on the album include lead singer of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way who collaborates with Deadmau5 on the “Professional Griefers” single. Deadmau5 also works with veteran rappers Cypress Hill and singer Imogen Heap on various tracks on the album.

deadmau5's 4D Live Performance for New Nokia Lumia 800! (HD)

Where Fatboy Slim is now

Weapon Of Choice by Fatboy Slim (High res / Official video)

Norman Cook is also known in EDM circles as Fatboy Slim, and he was big before Electronic Dance Music’s latest surge in popularity. He ruled dance-floors in the 1990s and drew in fans that would never otherwise have listened to anything in the genre. In some ways it could be said that the mainstream popularity EDM has now is, in part, due to him. He has said that he takes pleasure in knowing that he played a role in what EDM has become.  The 49-year-old Cook was born in Bromley, England and was a drummer in a new Wave rock band before embarking on his DJing career in Brighton.