September 2012

More on the end: Swedish House Mafia

Or maybe not exactly the end.


There has been quite a bit of talk this past week about Swedish House Mafia’s impending retirement. Regardless of how anyone feels about Swedish House Mafia—and there is a pretty fair amount of love and outright hatred—the fact remains that this is EDM’s lone super group.

They are an international, massively popular entity that is (or was) one of the driving forces of the EDM. EDM fans generally fall into one of two camps: the ones for whom the SHM breakup and retirement is a tragedy and the end of some of the best years ever in music history, and those who have no idea what all the fuss is about. Those in the latter camp tend to see this as overblown marketing hype to quickly sell out the farewell tour and set the stage for a comeback in a few years or months.

An introduction to Bassnectar

The underground dubstep legend is more popular than ever.


San Franciscan DJ Lorin Ashton AKA Bassnectar, has been on the electronic dance music scene for awhile now.  His look seems more appropriate to the grunge era; think the head-banging hair sported by grunge era bands like Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. His army of fans call themselves “Bassheads” and they are many. Bassnectar’s counterculture ethic has drawn to him an ardent group of followers that could accurately be stereotyped as “hippie.”

Electric Zoo 2012 Recap

Electric Zoo serves up a diverse array of EDM’s best.

After Miami’s Ultra Music festival and The Electric Daisy Carnival in New York and Las Vegas, Electric Zoo is the last big festival that EDM fans will get this season. For the fourth year in a row, the Electric Zoo Festival has taken EDM out of the clubs and placed it in New York’s Randall’s Island.

This festival is a little different from others in that it is smaller, giving the performances more of a personal feel. The Electric Zoo festival is also known as one of the more well-run of the big festivals, with everything from controlling the crowds to transportation meticulously planned for maximum efficiency. The artist line-up in 2012 was packed with EDM’s biggest along with many of the stronger up-and-coming acts.  

Martin Solveig's newfound stardom

Solveig, one of the hottest new DJs, has been on the scene for years.


Martin Solveig is the stage name of Frenchman, Martin Laurent Picandet. Solveig’s fifth album, Smash, has been out for more than a year but has only recently been released in the U.S. and features the song “Hello,” which has become an international hit.

His stock has grown in value considerably since he was placed in the 29th slot of DJMag’s top 100 last year. Solveig has been working at his craft for a long time and up until 2010 was still working as a club DJ in Paris. His ability to create catchy pop hits eventually brought him to the attention of Madonna, and the DJ would go from relative unknown to superstar in only a few months. He produced three songs for her MDNA album including “Beautiful Killer” and “Give me All Your Luvin’.”