October 2012

Markus Schulz: German transplant DJ in Miami

The Miami resident's successful career and his Scream album.


Markus Schulz was brought to the U.S. when he was 13 years old and presently lives in Miami, which is also the home of the Ultra Music Festival. Schulz has wound up in DJMag’s top ten poll of DJs for the fourth year running and has released three albums under his own name as well as a number of mix compilations. Like another world-famous DJ, Armin Van Buuren, Schulz is also well-known from his radio program; his unique style is a blend of the house and trance genres.

His latest album is called Scream and features 23 tracks (including the four bonus tracks), 12 vocal and 11 instrumental. Its sound diverges somewhat from the genre with an unusual toughness and has gotten Schulz the nickname of “Unicorn Slayer” from his audience. The Scream album also features a cover photo of Schulz making a screaming face that has become iconic among his fans.

Steve Aoki's new reality show

DJs get to win a VIP night with the EDM superstar.

Anyone who has been a fan of electronic dance music over the last couple of years will be extremely familiar with Steve Aoki’s name. Aoki is listed in the 15th spot on the controversial DJMag list of top DJs, and is fifth on the Forbes Magazine list of top-earning EDM artists, above such dance music icons as Deadmau5.

The cake-throwing DJ, producer and promoter has built a name and a brand from innovative beats and performing at more than 200 wild stage shows per year. Now he is about to venture into territory that no DJ before him has dared to enter: the world of reality TV.

Dada Life has a new album

The Rules of Dada will be released on October 15

From their eccentric antics like inviting audience members in banana costumes onstage to balloon drops and spraying crowds with champagne, Swedish house group Dada Life has developed their brand around wild excess and partying with a sense of humor.

They have achieved a remarkable level of success in the last few years, from opening for Tiesto, to drawing thousands at the Electric Daisy Carnival. Now they are releasing a new album, The Rules of Dada. The scheduled US release is for October 16 and the album will have eleven tracks including a couple of their already-popular hits in “Kick Out the Epic Motherf*cker” and “ Happy Violence.”

The Bloody Beetroots and "Chronicles of a Fallen Love"

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo wants you to record it yourself.

While the name might sound like that of a band, The Bloody Beetroots is really the six year-old solo project of producer Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, an Italian producer. It is a separate entity from The Bloody Beetroots DJ Set, which is Rifo plus Tommy Tea. When performing along with a live band, Rifo has dubbed the group, The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77.

Coming off the summer hit “Rocksteady” Rifo is presently attempting to grab attention for the launch of the latest single, “Chronicles of a Fallen Love.” The gimmick is that fans of The Bloody Beetroots will have the opportunity to make their own versions of the song by downloading sheet music and recording it themselves.