November 2012

Richie Hawtin's CNTRL tour educates and entertains

The EDM old-timer teaches college students about the music's past.

Electronic dance music veteran Richie Hawtin wants to teach fans about the history of the genre. As the electronic dance music gains even more ground with the masses, he thinks that it is important to educate fans as well as to entertain them. The fact is that most of the people now listening to EDM are new to the genre and ignorant of its past.

Underage drinking and helicopters at Long Island's Haunted Coliseum Party

Sebastian Ingrosso doesn't even get to perform.

The post-Halloween “Haunted Coliseum Party” in Long Island was supposed to include sets by Otto Knows, Alesso and Sebastian Ingrosso. However, Alesso only got 20 minutes into his set and Ingrosso never got a chance to perform. Why? The police, multiple underage drinkers and the attempt to land a helicopter on the grounds of the coliseum were the three main reasons.

Stampede at Steve Aoki's Madrid show

Four fans trampled to death.

As of Saturday morning, four women have died after being trampled in a stampede at Steve Aoki’s Halloween show in Madrid, Spain. As a result of the incident, the DJ/producer canceled the following night’s show that would have been held in Bilbao. Aoki has stated that the cancellation is out of respect for those who had died in the Madrid show.

Aoki was performing at the Madrid Arena before a crowd of 20,000, however the venue was only approved for 10,800. In a statement released after the show, the concert’s promoter has denied that the venue was over capacity. The event was titled Thriller Music Park with a theme that involved the concertgoers dressing in costumes from the Michael Jackson Thriller music video.